World class data and analytics at your fingertips


Turn-by-turn guidance to the closest available parking spot at your destination 

on-street or off-street ... in real-time​!

VoicePark is bringing parking to the next level

 • Manage your parking resources confidently with precise data and analytics

 • Guide drivers to available parking seamlessly, maximizing efficiency

 • Understand your current parking situation with precision reports and metrics 

Our RFID equipped sensors offer pre-paid reservations and guide drivers from home to their reserved spot, while also providing analytics that maximizes efficiency and revenue. 

Never hunt for parking again

Our mission is to change the nature of the urban parking experience by making live on-street parking data a global reality. As the pioneer in on-street parking mobile way-finding, VoicePark has forged partnerships with the leaders in the hardware and data sectors. 

These partnerships, working toward a common goal, are becoming a unified force that is now actively installing highly accurate systems, which will lead to a unified network of real-time on-street and off-street parking info. VoicePark has become a hub, integrating data from a wide variety of sources: predictive analytics, optical, and infrared sensors. We lead the way in delivering this data to the driver, and also in providing the backend analytics to the parking industry.  

Our subscription-based pricing model and our proven state of the art technology allows both municipalities and off-street parking facilities to deploy the infrastructure risk-free and without any capital outlay. This results in cities and institutions with on-street and/or off-street parking resources to immediately begin increasing efficiency and revenue.  The tools we provide allow for decision-making based on highly precise and fully encompassing metrics and analytics.




IoT Solutions


We can reduce your university traffic congestion by 80% and integrate automated RFID payment and enforcement system into your existing accounting system. ​​

What we can do for you

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Our system integrates with your existing system bringing you new features to maximize efficiency and revenue. 

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We work with small, medium, and large-sized municipalities to help you either get started or expand their current IoT smart parking technology system.